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Gift your keepsakes to family and friends

Each keepsake can be assigned to someone special.

Send out emails from Keepsake which will give your loved ones access to your Keepsake letting them read and hear what you have stored for them.

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Managing your keepsakes

Choose someone who can access your Keepsakes should something happen to you


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Save and print a report of your keepsakes

Generate a report of your Keepsakes you can provide to a loved one or your lawyer



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 About Us


When my grandma passed away and left me some of the things she had kept all her life, I wished that I had asked her more questions or written down what she told me but I was probably a bit young to remember. I would have liked to know more about them because it would have helped me to understand who she really was and what was important to her. Now that I have my own child it makes me think about what I would like to tell him about the objects we have in our life.


My parents were refugees and couldn’t bring very much with them when they came to Australia. The things they did bring, held great emotional significance for them. The objects you gather over your lifetime contribute to make up the special person you are, and help those who love you, to you to get to know and understand you a bit better. I missed out knowing as much as I would like to about my parents’ things, but I can make sure my family has a different experience.


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